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Prestige Parfums is a manufacturer in the pure French tradition for 36 years. Established in Paris in 1978, Prestige has been operating on a global basis, over the 5 continents through affiliates, joint-ventures, agents or specific and direct local distribution networks.

With more than 95% of its turnover performed in the export business, Prestige is a truly international company. Prestige is a leading company offering: EXPERIENCE, CREATIVITY, PROFESSIONALISM as well as FLEXIBILITY, all those criterias leading to success:

  • Several decades of experience and success in the field of international trading ( with many international export and prestige awards as Nef d’Or in 1990 and 1994 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Paris)
  • A wide , diversified and successful portfolio of products
  • Products specifically created and designed to clearly target different types of countries, markets and consumers
  • Suppliers thoroughly selected according to products configuration and technicality
  • A supply chain strictly monitored
  • Products carefully manufactured with the same close attention to details in Prestige factory
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The perfume creator PRESTIGE PARIS launches each year a new collection of high quality fragrances.
So far three major Brand names stand PRESTIGE PARIS: Elysees Fashion, Marc Joseph and AP.Durand characterized by a distinguished philosophy and experience for each.