Manufacture & Expertise


Endowed nearly 40 years of experience, Prestige Paris cultivates a requirement that results in the constant search for excellence of the raw materials for the creation and manufacture of perfumes in the French tradition. We coordinate all stages of the life of a perfume from concept to finished product to distribution of our products in over 70 countries. The targeted goal seems to have been achieved through the unique flavors associations and exceptional bottles. Fragrance born from a merger between knowledge, creativity and professionalism.

The Knowhow of Prestige Paris is the result of an extreme requirement. The fragrance has long been worked on duly inspected and tested before being validated by imagining olfactory architectures always surprising, unexpected mixtures, and this is with constant quest for innovation. We offer our customers a variety of ranges to meet all tastes but especially products made with the finest raw materials.

We have a team of innovative, creative and responsive designers to design perfumes presented in the most modern forms, classical forms or forms according to tastes. The design of the bottles is studied, worked out and validated by a team that is always looking for excellence.

Prestige Perfumes offers typical perfumes and unusual combinations leading clients in olfactory travel without limits. Our unique aim is above all the satisfaction of our customers in terms of the quality of our products.