Tender absolute

Tender absolute

Eau de parfum | 100 ml

« A happy scent for those who love to fall in love »

A lovely floral composition, fruity and musky which opens on a bubbly note of lemon mixed with blackcurrant. The flowery heart note reveals hints of muguet and jasmine, softened by voluptuous base notes composed of musk, vanilla and raspberry.

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A lacquered bottle, shaded in pink and white, capped with a white hood surrounded by pink plumetis, where a little transparent multifaceted stone is put down on a white satin bow of ribbon.


A rigid box whose base is pink and the sliding exterior part is printed with motifs representing pink and silver foliage. A cutting of the central front face of the case allows through a PVC window to glimpse the Tender Absolute bottle.

Olfactory pyramid.

FAMILY: Floral
ASPECT: Light Yellow

Blackcurrant, Lemon, Pink peppercorn
Lily of the valley, Jasmine, Blackberry
Musk, Vanilla, Rasberry