Our Stroy

With over 40 years of expertise, Prestige Paris sets high standards which results in the constant pursuit and careful selection of the raw materials to create and manufacture perfumes in the finest French tradition. From the selection of ingredients, the process of perfume creation, all the way to the distribution in more than 70 countries, we oversee every step.

Each and every perfume created embodies unique scent blends and ultimate bottle sophistication.

Our perfumes are born from a fusion of “Savoir-Faire” (know-how), creativity and excellence.

Our know-how

Our perfume creation process is long and delicate. The fragrances are composed based on surprising olfactory families and unexpected blends. We are always seeking innovation and excellence. They are then properly controlled and tested before they reach the market.

To satisfy our customers’ different wants, all of our perfumes are not alike, offering a wide range of scents. However, they are all created out of the most refined raw materials. We rely on the expertise, creativity and dedication of our designers’ team to showcase thoughtfully crafted perfume bottles ranging from modern, to classical to glamorous shapes or forms.

Made in France

Prestige Paris is a French perfume company founded in 1978. It grew from a small workspace located in the 14th arrondissement to a workshop in Ivry (1982) to a production factory in Saint-Florentin. The international trade opportunities in Paris were undeniable. This city's well-earned reputation in the world of luxury fragrance made it the perfect spot to establish the Prestige brand.