Our Brands

Crafted from a myriad of natural and raw resources, this new collection offers a sensory medley of contemporary fragrances. The cool aroma is combined with the richness of its source to create an enchanting aura. Infused with a subtly soft, clean, warm and vibrant scent, the fragrances not only allow you to give in to their essence but create unforgettable memories. It is a perfect choice for essence lovers! Each perfume is carefully manufactured and designed making it unique down to the smallest detail thanks to a flawless execution.

Marc Joseph is characterized by modern and innovative creations starting from the fragrance, ending with the bottle. Marc Joseph introduces a new contemporary style combining delicacy, charm and prominence. Olfactory journeys worthy of high-end French perfumery, carefully encapsulated unique bottles. Marc Joseph, distinguishing itself through its exceptional creations, becomes one of the leading brands of the Prestige Parfums Paris Group.

The brand gets its inspiration from the love of elegance, luxury and Parisian fashion. Its philosophy through its perfumes is aimed at women and men of character, who exude poise and confidence.